Saturday, February 13, 2010

Trying to simplify and other random thoughts

I can honestly say that these have been the roughest two months of my life so far. It's a very slow road back to "normal", whatever that means in my seeming chaotic life. And because life has been so very difficult, I've decided that I'm going to try to simplify my life and my businesses as much as possible, and so far, I've been taking baby steps to accomplish that.

For some strange reason, I have all of my jewelry stock and supplies spread between three separate databases. Yes, I know. That is NOT the simple way to do things. It took my life falling apart on a minor scale for me to realize that. So, right now I'm in the process of combining about 10 years worth of records and data, scattered between 3 separate pieces of pricing software into one piece of software. And let me tell you, it's ROUGH! I have found a few shortcuts, which is helping a little bit, but it still is VERY time consuming. I'm hoping that I can be done with this long, drawn out process in a few months.

I'm also pretty excited because I have some new pieces of jewelry in the works. Or at least floating around in my head as ideas. I'm just looking for the time to make them real. I'm excited because these are going to be outside my "box" or comfort zone. I've managed to acquire some pretty new beads and pendants, and SOOOO want to create with them. But first, I must clear up this database garbage, so this is giving me incentive to do so. I have to get the work done, before I can play. ;-) I can't wait for play time.

This winter has been a hard one. Power outages, feet of snow, cold temperatures, snowfall after snowfall after snowfall. I am so VERY sick of white stuff it isn't even funny. I want signs of summer. I really just want to skip spring all together since it can still snow in the spring. Bleh. I want the lovely hot days of summer to be here.

Okay, I also want summer to be here so I can start selling at the Fluvanna Farmers Market this year. It might sound crazy that I'm going to start selling at another venue, when I'm trying to simplify, but in the end, it will be good for me. It will get me out of the house, and talking to adults on a regular basis. It will get my name out there more. It will be a fun time! Hot, muggy, Virginia summer fun! (And yes, please keep reminding me I said this when I'm complaining about how terrible it is here in the summertime.)

That's all for now. I'm trying to come up with new ideas for blog posts, so I don't keep rehashing anything. I'll let you know how that's working for me.

Remember: Sand is always blue!