Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Clean Up is under way!!!

Well, I promised that I was going keep everyone posted on the whole Project "Clean Up This Godforsaken Mess!". Here's the latest update.

Everything is still a mess. However, progress is slowly being made.

I have to admit, these shelves look better already. The top shelf used to hold picture frames. They are now tucked away in a closet, far out of site. We now have space to keep our mailing boxes and packing material (on the top shelf, far left). Also, we have a space for our leather scraps (second gray box from the left). The boxes are labelled, so we can see what's in them, and will take only the box we need at that moment.

These boxes are a big help (and also labelled). There are several steps that we need to take before a piece of jewelry gets to the store or on Etsy. The first box is for pieces that are finished, but need to be put into our inventory software. The next box is the "waiting room" for pieces that need photos taken for a websale. There is another box for pieces that are currently on sale at Etsy. There is a box for pieces that don't meet our expectations and need to be re-worked. There are a couple of smaller boxes for supplies. This might not be the final resting place for these boxes, but it's a start and at least they are out of way while we're cleaning. It also enables us to put pieces away that we come across while we are organizing everything.

Finally! I have found a place for all of our embossing powders and supplies. Nice, neat, and all together. This way, we can pretty much see what we have at any given moment.

Today I ordered some boxes to keep our scrapbooking paper in, which will also be a big help.

Another big step will be actually getting all of the jewelry making supplies put away into nice neat drawers that I have, I just haven't gotten organized or labelled yet.

Even though, we have been working on straightening everything up, we have not neglected our Etsy store. Teri is the process of retaking a lot of photos, because the original ones she posted on Etsy were bad. And she is also trying to get photos taken of new pieces and getting them listed.

Here is a photo of the new necklace added (Rose Shades Necklace):

Here are some pictures that have been retaken, and are about a million times better than the old ones!

Winter Snow 2 Present Past Treasure Pendant

Shades of Purple Present Past Treasures Brooch

Caribbean Summer 1 PPT Pendant

We're hoping to have more pieces up by the end of the week. Teri is working diligently on this, along with cleaning up the work areas and gettin gthem organized. It's a long, slow, uphill battle, but when we win it will be worth it!!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Beaded Branch's Dirty Secret...

In this post I am revealing the The Beaded Branch's Dirty Secret.

WARNING: Some of the photos might cause some people a great amount of anxiety, and stress, due to a TOTAL lack of organization!!!

After reading a bunch of the forums on Etsy, I started seeing all these people that had great crafting spaces, organized, clean, and neat.

I became jealous.

Here at The Beaded Branch we don't have one nice, neat craft area. We have four areas designated for our business that is comparable to a craft bomb going off in the middle of my house.

Here's the first area, the screened in porch. This is one of the favorite places to work for me and my hubby, especially during the fall and spring. In winter in can get really cold, and in the summer it can get really hot. But those are problems easily dealt with. However, right now, it is a mess, in dire need of organization and cleaning, as can be seen here:

As you can see from these pictures, life is NOT rosy. If you look close, there is a rotary tool stand and a bench vise that are waiting to be attached to the table. There are catalogs and magazines stacked all over the table, along with mail and trash that we were too lazy to throw away. SHAME ON US!!!!

On to problem area number two, the computer area, in the living room.

The computer area, is needless to say, a mess. Nothing has been filed. It's all piling up and I'm pretty sure that we're all going drown in paper eventually. There are even jewelry parts hiding in the wreckage of the paper avalanche. Disorganization at its finest!!!! Hang our heads in shame, once again.

Onto the third area, and can you tell that it's just getting worse. Hold onto your hats! Here's the dining room table horror:

Repulsive, isn't it? Piles of supplies, beads, tools, displays, and paperwork piled up on half the table (thank goodness our kids have their own table that they eat at, or in their high chairs!). That's a microwave cabinet over there in the corner on the left. THAT is supposed to be my workstation outside the office. You'll notice that it, too is covered in random "stuff" that needs to be sorted through and thrown out. I also have a jewelers tool chest on top, but there's nothing in it right now. FOR SHAME ON ME!!!!
And now, onto the greatest horror show of disorganization of all. The office. What is supposed to be my studio. My haven. My workplace, where I can go, shut the door, shut out the world, and create to my heart's content. Yeah. Right.

Ever try to create in a space like this? Our office has become a catchall for all sorts of junk, toys that need to be repaired, half finished projects, clothes that need to be repaired, jewelry supplies and tools, and goodness knows what all.
After seeing many organized, beautiful craft spaces, I have made a New Year's resolution to get this organized, de-stashed, stuff thrown out, and everything streamlined.
So why am I revealing The Beaded Branch's dirty secret? Because, I am going to chronicle right here on this blog everything that I do to get things back in working order!
Keep checking back for updates on Project "Clean Up This Godforsaken Mess!!!", and all the steps that happen as I travel down the road of organization.
Have a good evening, and I hope the pictures weren't to frightening.

Coming Soon: The Beaded Branch's Dirty Secret!!

Hopefully, today or tomorrow I will be releasing the dirty secret of The Beaded Branch. Follow us, so that you can find out what it is!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Pieces Coming, I promise!!!!

Hello all! Teri here! Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. On my Facebook page I have been saying for ages (or so it seems) that I'm creating new jewelry. Well, here are some pictures to prove that I have been busy.

Here are pieces that are finished, they just are waiting their turn in front of the camera for a formal portrait!

Here are some pieces that are waiting to be strung, either with beads, on chains or on velvet:

And here are some pieces that are waiting for their backings, trims, and what-have-you.

We won't even get into all the supplies sitting around waiting to be played with!!!
As soon as I am over this darn cold (ugh...) I will be back into the studio (okay, my dining room table and living room couch) making more pretties. I will set up links as soon as the jewelry is listed, whether it's on Etsy or at the Palmyra Country Store. Check back soon!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More info on the Palmyra Country Store

The Palmyra Country Store is a great little place located right outside the gates of Lake Monticello, located in Palmyra, Virginia. The building used to be the Lake Centre Pharmacy, for those of you who know the area. It is owned and run by a great couple, Bob and Janice Ullenbruch. They had a dream of a bulk food store and ice cream parlor, both of which were needed in this area. They took this dream, ran with it, and meeting with success headon.

Not only do they serve ice cream and sell bulk dry goods, but they also have an area set aside, which they refer to as the "Living Room". A comfy couch and chairs, a coffee table with magazines and newspapers, and coffee being sold for 75 cents a cup, with the proceeds being donated to local charities. It's a great place to relax.

The couple also saw a chance to help out the community in another way. Since there are few craft fairs in Palmyra during the spring, winter, and fall, they decided to also start helping out the local craft artisans in the area, by selling pieces on consignments. They now sell stained glass, woodwork, quilts, rag rugs, purses, soap, baskets, and, of course, jewelry. (Hint, hint)

New products are coming in almost daily, and it's always wonderful to go up and see what new things have been added.

While Melanie gave directions to the store (thanks Melanie!!!), I do have a Google map posted on our website, also. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MAP.

This store is worth a special trip, especially if you're looking for that one special ingredient for something, a dish of ice cream, or a special gift for someone.