About Me

My name is Theresa Landow, and I am the mother of identical twin boys, wife to my wonderful husband Tim, the volunteer art teacher at my children's school, and it my copious spare time, the owner and head designer for The Beaded Branch.

I started making beaded jewelry in 1999, and fell in love with it. What started as a hobby, soon became something of an obsession with me. Friends of the family noticed, and were soon giving me all sort of broken necklaces they didn't want any more, and bags of beads that were just lying around their homes. The next thing I knew, I had more jewelry than I could wear in a lifetime.

A friend of my mom's suggested that I sell some of my jewelry at a local craft show, and my business was born!

People often ask "Why did you name your business The Beaded Branch?"

The answer is actually quite simple.

When I would tell people that I really like to make jewelry, I would then have to explain that it was the beaded branch of jewelry, as opposed to the glass working, fiber art, or any other branch of jewelry making. Hence, the name "The Beaded Branch" was born.

Plus, I really like trees and wanted to incorporate the idea of a tree into my business name somehow.

While I still love creating jewelry, I felt it was time to expand, learn new things, and create new lines.  After taking one class in painting silk, I found a new passion.  I love the fact that each piece of silk I paint is a true original, unique, and beautiful in its own way.  I can color outside the lines, or with no lines at all, and create a beautiful work of wearable art.  I’m looking forward to many years of not only creating works of art myself, but also starting to teach this fabulous art form.

I recently volunteered to be the art teach at my children's school, and have completely fallen in love with it.  The kids are great and highly enthusiastic when it comes to learning about art, and then things they create are FANTASTIC!  I love their energy, their spirit, and their willingness to try.

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