Friday, July 30, 2010

The Compost Pile and other random thoughts

Well, the masses have voted.

Okay, 43 people voted.

And the winning name for my new destash shop on ArtFire will be (drum roll, please.....):


The Compost Pile

This poll leads me to believe certain things about my friends:
1) They are odd, but in a good way.
2) They have FABULOUS senses of humor.

And I'm thinking they all think I won't do this.  But I will.  It won, hands down. 

Actually, what I will probably wind up naming it is: TBB's Compost Pile. Hopefully, I'll have the new shop set up by the end of the weekend.  We shall see.  And giggle. A lot. 


  1. Ahhhh TBBs Compost Pile is perfect!!!
    I will giggle every time you list a new item :)

  2. I love that name. Its brilliant. I too will have a giggle every time you list something. TBBs Compost Pile is wonderful.

  3. Me thinks your friends are evil geniuses. What a great name and thought.