Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's for Sale Saturday

Hi all! Teri here, once again. I've decided that on Saturdays I will start to take a little time and tell you about new products that have been added to The Beaded Branch, new selling venues, and whatever else is new the world of The Beaded Branch.

So, what's new this week. A lot actually. This week, we have done some serious branching out, as it were.

New products: We have added some of the cutest bags you have ever seen, and hope to be adding many more in the near future. We call these bags our "bug bags", but they have also been known as "cicada bags". They are perfect little bags for when you need to run to the store, but don't want to have to take your entire purse with you. Big enough to store keys, credit/debit cards, cell phone, drivers license, and some cash. Small enough to not encumber you. Just slip it over your wrist and go! We have them in a variety of colors and hope to add more in the near future.

New venue: The Beaded Branch has also opened a store on ArtFire, which is another online selling venue. We will not have as much in our store to begin with, but hopefully, as we make more sales, we will be able to more pieces.

Between these two new additions we hope that we can make your shopping experience with us a little easier, and a little more pleasant, by offering you a wider variety of choices.

This isn't really a new venue, as I have talked about the Palmyra Country Store before, but now I have a new display up there, with all new jewelry.

Just to reiterate, the Palmyra Country Store is not only a fabulous place for local crafters to sell their wares, it's also a great place to buy bulk food. It's very family oriented, and they have wide aisles that the kids love running up and down. (Yes, that's my darling hubby, Tim, trying to wrangle our two kids.)

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