Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Year, New Products!!!!

This year, I am determined to expand my lines of jewelry, and have taken the first steps to do it!

Gift giving season always means trying new things for me, and this Christmas was no different.  I wanted to come up with something unique to give to Da Boys teachers this year, and so I came up with these charming pendents:

"Forever in my Heart" Pendent #1

"Forever in my Heart" Pendent #2

They were so very well received by the teachers, that I have decided to make this a permanent part of my jewelry line.  Hand crafted polymer clay pendents, filled with resin, and at this point, tiny polymer clay crosses sunk into the resin.  I'm planning on playing with a lot more different styles.

I'm really excited about the new ideas that are coming to me!  I hope you continue to follow, and see where I'm letting my crazy imagination take me!
Here's a question for you, that I'd love to see some answers to:  What do YOU hold "Forever in your Heart"?  What would YOU like to see  encapsulated into a heart?  And what color hearts would you like to see?

Remember to keep your sand blue!


  1. my family will be forever in my heart nothing can change that. i would like to see keys like the one above and intials i think that would be cool...as for the colors PINK, GREEN, BLUE, AND BLACK!

  2. Family and friends are always in my heart. My furbabies are very important as well, so I would say paw prints inside the heart would be so adorable for those who have pets. I agree on colors with Julia!

  3. I was going to saw paw prints too. =)
    Little hearts inside representing loved ones would be awesome too.

  4. Wow, these are great. the possibilities are endless as to what you could put in the resin center of the hearts.

    My first thought was nipping of the loops of charms and adding those. There are unlimited charm shapes, and that would be so versitile!

  5. Paw prints are a FABULOUS idea! There's actually a craft show locally to support one of the animal shelters, and I bet those would sell GREAT! Hmmm..... I'm betting I could even do them in colors of different dogs and cats!

  6. On the pet line what about bones and other pet related symbols? I certainly love the idea of pawprints, since I have both dogs & cats.

    I'd like to see them in all sorts of pearls and metallics, also pale tinted translucents would be gorgeous, or translucents with metal leaf.

    I'm still thinking about more things you could put in the resin. I might be back.

  7. purple is my fave color..no matter what it is !LOL

    lol if it was MY heart I'd put:
    the autism puzzle piece
    a sewing machine
    pic of kids :) Interpret that how you may :)

  8. Well I love the deep dark red color best I think, although black may have some use too ( I will always have that bit of goth in me) how about a key?
    My kids will always be in my heart but I can't really think of a good way to represent that beyond the pic as already suggested. Their gemstones maybe?