Monday, February 21, 2011

Doors Open When Doors Close

 Years ago, while playing around with some crafting supplies, I hit upon a technique that I really enjoyed.  It was fun, unique, and all my own.  I played around with it for years, on and off, until I finally fully developed my Present Past Treasure line of pendants.  I adored making them, seeing the embossing powder swirl around and mix, discovering what colors were going to peep through the brass filigrees, matching leather backings and ribbon around the edges.  I adored it all.  It was too bad they never really seemed to "take off" as it were. 

They were described in many ways, beautiful, unique, delicate.... I guess the time wasn't right for them. Within the past year, they became less fun to make.  They became pure work.  Hauling out all the supplies, cutting out the cardstock, trying to keep the kids out of the embossing powders and away from the electric skillet became a real chore.  Continually burning my fingers and hands was no longer suffering for my art, it was just plain suffering.  Storing the supplies until the next day became a hassle, too, since I had to work on the kitchen table.   It was just getting to be too much.  And they weren't really selling, so, I began to see less and less of a point in making them.  

However, when I realized these pieces were on their way out in my life, I was also realizing that I wasn't going to have to look very far for something to take their place.  When I had been working on my Present Past Treasure, I played around with different mediums, trying to find the perfect one.  I did splurge at one point and buy an epoxy resin kit, and some dyes to go along with it.  They weren't what I was looking for at the time, but they have certainly come into play now.  

And I have found my new love.  (Good thing my darling hubby isn't too jealous!)  I did some reading, I did a little research, I asked around, and applied my own common sense/imagination.  WAH LAH!  (Voila! for the spelling purists...)   As I have been discovering just how versatile this stuff is, it grown more and more and more addictive.  I can't wait for the days when I can play and explore just how far this stuff will go.  

I'm going to be using it to really expand out my pieces, add new lines, and who knows where it will lead me. 

So, just remember, when something ends, look around, because something is probably beginning too.

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  1. Have fun playing! Can't wait to see where this journey will take you.