Friday, September 25, 2009

Challenge Update and Celebration Friday

Hi all. I know I promised an update on the "organizational challenge" to myself. Whoops. Guess what? As a lot of you know from Plurk, I was sick all week. NOT a good time to start a project.
However, it is Friday, and I do have a lot to celebrate, so I will be celebrating today!!

I am celebrating that I am almost over my cold. Still a little snuffly. Still a little cough. But a LOT more energy than I had before. Which is a great thing. Because that means I can still accomplish a lot today. (If I can get this monkey off my back, namely Nick! LOL)

I am celebrating my wonderful friends! Mostly, my WONDERFUL friend Andrea Baker. She pretty much emptied out her Etsy store so that I can try to sell some of her wonderful products at two of my upcoming craft shows, Old Farm Day at Pleasant Grove, in Fluvanna County, VA and the Halloween Festival at Lake Monticello in Palmyra, VA. Who knows, this might be the start of something big!! I have a whole box full of goodies from her shop, business card cozies, pins, totes, bags, checkbook cozies, you name it. And each one is more beautiful than the last one. Plus, she included my custom made consultant tote. And matching pin. And matching business card cozy. I was so surprised when I opened the box and saw those, I cried.

I am celebrating my wonderful, loving family. I just feel an overwhelming amount of love for my family today. Some days are like that for me. I always love them, but sometimes, especially when I've been sick, I'm even more grateful to them for putting up with my crankiness and exhaustion.

Next week, I will be back on track. I will have a huge amount of organization done, and will be rockin' and rollin' and ready for my show next Saturday.

Until next time, keep your sand blue!!!


  1. Good for you sweetie! You are going to knock this organizing thing out of the park! AND you will do fabulous at your events!

  2. YAY for happy crying!!! I hope your over that darn cold starting tomorrow!


    I love your celebrations!!!