Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I've Been Tagged!!

I've Been Tagged!!! I was tagged by Gail of The Blue Daisy Designs. Now I need to come up with 10 interesting facts about myself, and tag 10 other people.

Here are some interesting facts:
1. One of my early jobs was making mircofilm and microfiche.
2. I have been married for 5 wonderful years to my hubby Tim.
3. My hubby and I actually met 20+ years ago, when we were both hanging out at The Rocky Horror Picture Show in northern Virginia. We reconnected and started dating 10 years ago.
4. I collect souvenir spoons. (Or at least I used to.)
5. My two favorite colors are sage green and rose pink.
6. I am a recovering agoraphobic, drug addict, and alcoholic.
7. I have been a theater geek since I was in elementary school, and only gave it up after I had the twins.
8. I a degree in History, with a minor in English (so I can give you a well organized, well written speech on the history of the potato when asking you if you want fries with that! LOL)
9. My favorite meal is homemade root beer, macaroni and cheese, and fried fish. (The only things my mom could eat when she was pregnant with me!! LOL)
10. I have more hobbies than should be legally allowed, and am still trying to find where all of my talents lie.

And now, for those that I am tagging!

1. This Mom's Life by Andrea Baker
2. Deb's Gift Boutique by Debbi Andersen
3. Dawn Correspondence by Amanda Day
4. Alexmani Events by Kattia Gordon
5. Satisfy Your Senses by Mary Reid
6. Bold and Beautiful Party Girl by Christina Strickland
7. A Day in my Life! by Jennifer Flory
8. Fabulous Food and More by Melanie Ellyson
9. Coffee Talk with Ferf by Jennifer Stoll
10. Candles Galore and More! by Rose Stolarz

To all of those who have been tagged, simply copy and paste the "Tag your It" badge to your blog, tell us 10 interesting facts about yourself and then tag 10 others.

Remember to keep your sand blue!!!!!