Saturday, January 3, 2009

More info on the Palmyra Country Store

The Palmyra Country Store is a great little place located right outside the gates of Lake Monticello, located in Palmyra, Virginia. The building used to be the Lake Centre Pharmacy, for those of you who know the area. It is owned and run by a great couple, Bob and Janice Ullenbruch. They had a dream of a bulk food store and ice cream parlor, both of which were needed in this area. They took this dream, ran with it, and meeting with success headon.

Not only do they serve ice cream and sell bulk dry goods, but they also have an area set aside, which they refer to as the "Living Room". A comfy couch and chairs, a coffee table with magazines and newspapers, and coffee being sold for 75 cents a cup, with the proceeds being donated to local charities. It's a great place to relax.

The couple also saw a chance to help out the community in another way. Since there are few craft fairs in Palmyra during the spring, winter, and fall, they decided to also start helping out the local craft artisans in the area, by selling pieces on consignments. They now sell stained glass, woodwork, quilts, rag rugs, purses, soap, baskets, and, of course, jewelry. (Hint, hint)

New products are coming in almost daily, and it's always wonderful to go up and see what new things have been added.

While Melanie gave directions to the store (thanks Melanie!!!), I do have a Google map posted on our website, also. CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE MAP.

This store is worth a special trip, especially if you're looking for that one special ingredient for something, a dish of ice cream, or a special gift for someone.

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