Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Pieces Coming, I promise!!!!

Hello all! Teri here! Yes, it's been awhile since I've posted. On my Facebook page I have been saying for ages (or so it seems) that I'm creating new jewelry. Well, here are some pictures to prove that I have been busy.

Here are pieces that are finished, they just are waiting their turn in front of the camera for a formal portrait!

Here are some pieces that are waiting to be strung, either with beads, on chains or on velvet:

And here are some pieces that are waiting for their backings, trims, and what-have-you.

We won't even get into all the supplies sitting around waiting to be played with!!!
As soon as I am over this darn cold (ugh...) I will be back into the studio (okay, my dining room table and living room couch) making more pretties. I will set up links as soon as the jewelry is listed, whether it's on Etsy or at the Palmyra Country Store. Check back soon!

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  1. You do know that I'm partial to the retro 60's pendant I made that you strung with yellow and red beads right? That has to be my current favorite.