Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Clean Up is under way!!!

Well, I promised that I was going keep everyone posted on the whole Project "Clean Up This Godforsaken Mess!". Here's the latest update.

Everything is still a mess. However, progress is slowly being made.

I have to admit, these shelves look better already. The top shelf used to hold picture frames. They are now tucked away in a closet, far out of site. We now have space to keep our mailing boxes and packing material (on the top shelf, far left). Also, we have a space for our leather scraps (second gray box from the left). The boxes are labelled, so we can see what's in them, and will take only the box we need at that moment.

These boxes are a big help (and also labelled). There are several steps that we need to take before a piece of jewelry gets to the store or on Etsy. The first box is for pieces that are finished, but need to be put into our inventory software. The next box is the "waiting room" for pieces that need photos taken for a websale. There is another box for pieces that are currently on sale at Etsy. There is a box for pieces that don't meet our expectations and need to be re-worked. There are a couple of smaller boxes for supplies. This might not be the final resting place for these boxes, but it's a start and at least they are out of way while we're cleaning. It also enables us to put pieces away that we come across while we are organizing everything.

Finally! I have found a place for all of our embossing powders and supplies. Nice, neat, and all together. This way, we can pretty much see what we have at any given moment.

Today I ordered some boxes to keep our scrapbooking paper in, which will also be a big help.

Another big step will be actually getting all of the jewelry making supplies put away into nice neat drawers that I have, I just haven't gotten organized or labelled yet.

Even though, we have been working on straightening everything up, we have not neglected our Etsy store. Teri is the process of retaking a lot of photos, because the original ones she posted on Etsy were bad. And she is also trying to get photos taken of new pieces and getting them listed.

Here is a photo of the new necklace added (Rose Shades Necklace):

Here are some pictures that have been retaken, and are about a million times better than the old ones!

Winter Snow 2 Present Past Treasure Pendant

Shades of Purple Present Past Treasures Brooch

Caribbean Summer 1 PPT Pendant

We're hoping to have more pieces up by the end of the week. Teri is working diligently on this, along with cleaning up the work areas and gettin gthem organized. It's a long, slow, uphill battle, but when we win it will be worth it!!!!

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  1. Foarte interesant ce ai postat.M-am uitat pe blogul tau si imi place ce am vazut chiar e frumos si interesant.Felicitari si sigur am sa mai revin!